Top 5 Dog Trainers in India

India is known to have some best dog trainers in the world. As the pet hobby of people is increasing, it has become an important part to train your dogs and pet’s to basic things.

Some of the best dog trainers in India are:

  • Top Dog Academy (TDA): They are the best dog trainers in Nadukuthagai, India. They have the 4.9 star rating. It is also a boarding system for your dog as well as the training academy. They have many facilities with expert staff. Link:
  • Wag-Pro Dog Training: they have the 4.8 star ratings and are located in Chennai, India. They have the certified and caring dog trainers. Link:
  • Smart Dog Trainers: Located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, it is another best 4.8 star rating training center. Their services are affordable and worth your money. Link:
  • Reward K9 Dog Training Centre: it has 5.0 star ratings and is located in Kerala, India. They have a very high class service and staff.Link:
  • K9 School: It is located in New Delhi, India. They have a 4.5 star ratings. They have a secure and friendly environment for your pet and a boarding as well as the training center. Link: