Top 5 Dog Adoption Websites and Apps in India

In today’s world where every need of a person is just a click of a button away, how can the community of these faithful beings be untouched from the scope of technology? When we look out to buy our groceries or simply feel like finding a partner of our self we let technology do it for us, then how can we miss out the fact even finding a home for an unheard community of dogs can be done by automation. What better way to save the life of an animal by adopting them and giving them a loving home. With huge fuss and paper works surrounding the adoption of a dog, there is a need for a single dedicated platform this process. Hence our geek people have come up with websites and apps to bring adoption of dogs just a click away.

Come read through to find out for yourself as to how technology has helped these silent beings to find a family.

5 named websites and apps for dog adoption in India are:


It is a portal which is the community for the dogs by the dog lovers, amazing right? Yes indeed!! Alongside being one of the portals for easy adoption of dogs, it is also a one-stop destination day to day need. It also a place which brings all the dog lovers under one roof to discuss topics related to the dog world. One can also find information pertaining to dog shows or events in this dog portal.

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Another unique and fascinating dog adoption portal which helps to find a home for dogs through word of mouth. In this porta, people write about abandoned or rescued dogs and promote adoption by letting interested people connect with them. Also, a place where dog lovers share their experiences with the world. It is a unique way of getting to know who you are adapting to your home.

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  • Let it wag

A mobile app which was conceived by 26 yr old Yash from Mumbai in need of immediate medical attention to injured stray or abandoned dogs. It has now become a full-fledged mobile app with the provision of reporting and helping injured dogs, adopting dogs as well as connecting to a network of vets and dog trainers. Another amazing thing about this app is that it lets you document the adoption to make things more robust.

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  • Petdom

It is a dog adoption portal as well as an app which aim in simplifying the whole process of dog adoption in India. This app has taken the initiative to bring dog shelters, NGOs and dog owners and potential buyers under one roof. It also uses Facebook credentials as login to help verify potential adopters or previously owned pet owners as well as undergoes agreement processing for more healthy adoption.

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  • Petsdome

A startup based dog adoption portals which provide everything that a pet owner would require from food to accessories to medical care. It also works as a free classified place to put up add related to pet adoption as well as help looking out adopters to find their dog.

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Your wait to adopt a life ends here, visit these sites or app to bring home this loving being!!