Top 5 Dog Shows and Fairs in India

Just like we humans need socializing be it through parties or social events, don’t you think our dog friends need some socializing too? What better way for our furry friends to socialize as well as have some fun and frolic than through dog shows and fairs. Not only you as the owner would get a chance to meet other pet lovers but also your dog will have one gala time of his life. Now days even India is nowhere behind in hosting such events in world class level for dogs as well as other pets. Not only are these events, enjoyment oriented but also provide information pertaining to dog-friendly training sessions to dog grooming sessions. Awesome isn’t it?

As you read, I will walk you through such named dog shows and fairs which keep occurring in India, so as you can choose which one you take your dog to

5 such named Dog shows and Fairs in India are:

  1. PetFed

PetFed India is one of the biggest pet festivals held in India with its Dog carnival recognized as the biggest dog carnival in Limca book of records. Held yearly in cities such as Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, has captured millions of dogs and dog lovers across India. There are hundreds of stalls of reputed pet care brands to showcase their products and services, as well as there, are various NGOs putting up stands who are working towards the betterment of these faithful beings.

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  • India International Pet Trade Fair

Occurring every year in New Delhi promises to provide the fun-filled day with your pet. Not only is this pet event biggest in India but also the only pet trade fair in South Asia. From companies of various countries networking their products and related to dog care to stalls selling grooming products and accessories for your pet, this fair includes it all. They also have various fun engaging and learning activities such as dog obedience training to fashion shows that you do with your pet to make your visit worthwhile. These events also promote start-ups engaged in the pet world.

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  • Petex

The largest pet industry expo of India with its major highlight being the FCI International Dog shows championship. From socializing with various dog owners to enjoying various events and activities whereas interacting with veterinarians for dog care, this expo includes it all. Occurs in Hyderabad every for the last three consecutive years. 

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  • All India Championship Dog show

Conducted by Silicon Valley Kennel Club, brings along all breeds of Dog from all states of India under one roof to compete. In this dog show, they are judged on personality traits such as tolerance, temperament and agility which they showcase as per their breed. It also helps in promoting training and maintenance to the dog owners to help them with their pets. It is organized by Mysore Kennel club in Bangalore every year.

  • Dog A Fair

A local carnival for dogs occurring in Mumbai for the 12th year consecutively is a treat for your furry friend. From it being a shopping paradise with grooming products and dog food to contesting of competitions, this fair has it all. It also has events pertaining to spa and grooming session for your dog as well as cooking demos for dog food. Fun, isn’t it?

Book your tickets today to one such event to find out the fun and frolic for yourself!!