Top 5 Dogs in Advertisements in India

You and I in this beautiful world, remember the pug following the kid in the age-old advertisement of Vodafone (Hutch), Cute!! Wasn’t it? Yes, as we have seen these lovable pooches have also entered the world of advertisement after the film industry. Even though they do not create much of an impact, however, few named ads definitely have made the product stand out because of the featured canine. Wondering how?

Read through to learn more about a few dogs who have made their name and fame in the ad world. Such top 5 dogs in advertisements in India are:

  1. Cheeka:

Featured advertisement: Vodafone (Hutch)

This age-old advertisement had gained a lot of popularity because of the featured pug. This advertisement cutely depicted the relationship between a dog and a small boy which was reflected in the manner the loyal pug kept following the boy wherever he went which was the depiction of strong network coverage of Vodafone. This pug gained a lot of popularity with the child actor with its presence not only on TV but also in billboards, newspapers and bus stops. He such a star to Vodafone that he again came back for recent ad along with his sibling of pugs. A true star indeed!!

2. Billu:

Featured advertisement: Sprite

After telecom operators, even the industry of beverages has also made way for our pooches by featuring them in their product advertisement. One such named ad is that of sprite in which a dog named Billu who is a Golden retriever is being featured. This funny ad showcase how Billu is being taught communication in English. Funny, right? Yet because of Billu, the advertisement does stand out.

3. Dogs featured in an advertisement for Reliance car insurance:

Yet another powerful industry which has done justice to advertising its products through our pooches. Four dogs namely a Cocker spaniel, poodle, beagle and a Labrador are featured by Reliance car insurance in three separate ads which are worth a watch because of these cute canines. Not only are they the star of the advertisement but also represent the product well off.

4. Bunty

Featured Advertisement: Kellogg’s Chocó’s

In this beautiful advertisement by Kellogg’s Chocó’s which depicts a loving relationship between a kid and his pet dog. This advertisement features a Siberian Husky named Bunty and is a true reflection of the bond that a pooch shares with his master. The advertisement very affectionately showcases the communication between the kid and his pet dog. Lovable it is!!

5. Dog featured in Saregama Carvaan Advertisement:

Another strong contributary pooch who has made the advertisement industry stand out. Being of the Indies breed, he was featured in the advertisement of Saregama Carvaan which not only reflected the pet and master bonding but also reflected a strong message of creating a pet-safe festival of Diwali for our loving pooches.

This clearly showcases that our cute little furry buddies have bought in fame for themselves by not just being associated with famous celebrities but becoming celebrities in themselves through our vast advertisement industry.