Top 5 Famous Actors with Dogs in India

Being a profound dog lover has also not left our Indian stardom industry untouched. Be it a big-screen actor/actress or small screen TV actors/ actress, most of them definitely have a soft corner for these furry ones and they show it by owning one. Definitely, something to be talked about, isn’t it? Being owned by famous actors, these faithful ones have gained stardom in their own way as well. So, when we talk about them, it’s not the famous actor we talk about but famous dog it is. The best of it all, not only are they gathered popularity being actors pet but also are spoiled with every bit of attention more than one can imagine.

Curious!! Let’s read through to know more about the actors and their furry buddies.

  1. Tiger Khan of Bollywood- Salman Khan:

Dog names and its breeds he owned:

  • Myson and Mastiff- Bullmastiff
  • Mowgli- Labrador
  • Saint- St Bernard
  • My love- Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Veer- French Mastiff

From the list of dogs owned by this famed actor, one can definitely get a clear picture for his love towards these furry beings. Not only is he affectionate towards his pets but also upfront in his pampering towards them. This is quite evident on his creation of memorial near Mehboob studio for his beloved dogs named Myson and Mastiff when they passed away and also ended up posting his grief in social media for his loving dog Mylove who passed away last year. Definitely worth your attention!!

2. Shahensha of Bollywood- Amitabh Bachan:

Dog names and its breeds he owned: Shanouk-Piranha Dane

Big B’s love for dogs is also nowhere hidden. He was a proud owner of Piranha Dane Dog which is one of tallest of the dogs, must say, it does compliment this great star’s height. Although with deep regret, his beloved dog passed away in 2013 due to prolonged illness. He never missed in expressing his grief in the loss of his beloved dog in the media and also in memory shared the funny reaction of his jealous dog on the arrival of his granddaughter. Amazing, right?

3. King Khan of Bollywood- Shah Rukh Khan:

Dog names and its breeds he owned:

  • Dash- Japanese Chin
  • Hulk- Labrador
  • Kai and Juicy- Maltese

This superstar is also nowhere behind when it comes to love for his pet dogs. Being a proud owner of these four dogs, he gladly shares that he loves spending time talking to them when in his life’s low as he believes what better companion than my beloved furry ones. Also, his mourning for his pet dog dash who passed away was also nowhere hidden from media.

4. Macho Man of Bollywood- Akshay  Kumar:

Dog names and its breeds he owned:

  • Okie and Cleo- German Shepherd
  • Spinee- Labrador Retriever

This handsome hunk also has showcased his love for dogs by being a proud owner of two German Shepherds, and one Labrador. Although this actor lost one of German Shepherd named Okie to old age just a few years back. His love for dogs is not only restricted to his pets but also he has worked with dogs in some of his famous movies. Amazing, right?

5. Chocolate boy of Bollywood- Siddharth Malhotra:

Dog names and its breeds he owns: Oscar- Boxer

This new-age actor is also nowhere left untouched from being a hardcore dog lover. He is a proud owner of a dog breed named boxer who came for him from Kolkata. The most fascinating part of his love for his pet dog is that at the time he accompanies to his shooting locations and times he does not, he tries to be I touch with his pet through house help. What a lovely bond, right?

Bollywood is definitely filled with dog lovers!!