Top 5 Famous Dog Rescues and Shelters in India

The unspoken challenge for India is its animal population which is a failure to care for. Among the animals, if we say the ones that are most neglected are the street dogs or for that case the community of dogs. Modern India is totally occupied dealing with issues of overpopulation, pollution, poverty etc. that apathy for these beings has no place. Not only are they neglected but also abused. In our today’s society where every household has a faithful dog wagging its tail for its owner, there is a huge necessity to look into the welfare of these animals be it your home or the streets. This challenge cries for the need of awareness as well as setting up of dog rescue centers and dog shelters.

Having said it all, herewith I shall walk you through some well-known dog rescues and shelters in India which are doing an applauding work protecting these innocent beings.

5 famous dog rescue and shelters in India are:

  • Blue Cross of India

A well knows animal welfare organization established in Chennai which caters to the well-being of all kinds of animals alongside dogs. Not only do they work on nurturing street dogs but also help in the prevention of Rabies by treating them.

Location: Chennai

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  • Visakha Society for protection and care for animals:

Founded by Mr Pradeep Nath is one of the biggest animal shelters of India. Not only has he worked towards permanently sheltering street animals or injured/old ones left by their previous owners but also has covered over one lakh dogs under the Animal Birth Control program.  

Location: Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

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  • The welfare of stray dogs:

The welfare of stray dogs is a specialized rescue organization based in Mumbai. They are looking out for stray dogs by the provision of shelter, medical care as well as the promotion of their adoption. Alongside with catering to the well-being of these innocent beings, they help in eradication of Rabies as well as controlling of the street dog population in a humane way.  

Location: Mumbai

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  • Paws Thrissur:

A well-known animal organization set up in Kerala which aimed in covering the entire district of Thrissur. Their main objective was to rescue stray as well as abandoned dogs and providing them with shelter and welfare. They also provide sterilization programs of stray dogs.

Location: Thrissur

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  • Maruthy dog shelter:

Maruthy dog shelter is a well-known dog shelter of these canine family which is managed by Dogs our Best Friend trust. They are actively working towards sheltering of old, injured, abandoned and stray dogs across Bangalore. The unique part of this shelter is that it is almost like home with wooden beds for these playful beings. They also have an in-house medical treatment room as well as the kitchen.

Location: Bangalore

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In today’s tech-savvy society it is difficult for one to find some time for oneself, however, if we look beyond our virtual screens there are these faithful beings which need our attention. A little hand towards them and you will see for yourself what they would do for you, Wonderful idea, isn’t it?