Top 5 Famous Dogs in Movies in India

Love for our furry friends is not restricted to the stars but also spills over to our Bollywood industry, intriguing fact it is, indeed!! Not only have dogs attained stardom by being part of the star family but also have been featured in movies as stars themselves. From doing action sequences to playing the role of cupids, they have done justice in being great supporting actors. Bollywood industry is also nowhere behind in featuring films revolving around our furry friends as the central line of the plot. Sometimes it is mind-boggling to see how these affectionate creatures steal all the limelight in movies they are starred in.

For all, you dog lovers out there, herewith is the list of some top furry buddies who are part of Indian films and have been the star of the show. Lets read through to know how Bollywood industry stands out as being pet-friendly.

5 such famous dogs part of Bollywood films are:

  1. Pluto:

Featured film: Dil Dhadakne Do

Pluto Mehra(famously known as such), the eye-catching Bullmastiff played the role of the most sensible member of the Mehra family in the Zoya Aktars famous movie Dil Dhadakne Do. Not only this furry buddy stole the show but also left behind famous stars such as Anil Kapoor, Ranveer Singh who were part of the film. And the most amazing part was that this dogs voice over for the film was done by famed star Amir Khan. The film featured as the story is told through the eyes of this featured pooch.

2. Bhidu:

Featured film Chillar Party:

Being part of this National award-winning film-Chillar party, this Pomeranian street dog has also made his way to stardom. The film in which he was featured solely depicts pure love that exists between human and dogs, making it a must-watch for every dog lover. As much the story line revolves around the dog so as it highlights the conditions of our street dogs and how much they need our help for their well-being.

3. Entertainment:

Featured film: Its Entertainment

Entertainment!! Yes its truly indeed the name of the featured Golden retriever as well the movie. As you can see this famous dog has not only bagged a role but also made the films named after him. The movies solely revolve around pure loyalty our furry friends’ shower upon us. The plot of the movies begins as the featured pooch being the sole owner of a whooping property to being loyal friends, it showcases it all. The actor-Akshaya Kumar is also proud to share that not only has he bonded on screen but also off-screen.

4. Redo:

Featured film: Hum Aapke Hai Kaun

This Indian Spitz who is popularly known as Tuffy from the role he played in famous movie Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. This star-struck pooch played the role of cupid without whom the climax happy ending of the film would have been nearly impossible. From showcasing emotions to being cricket empire, this furry bud has definitely played his parts well off in the film making it worth your time. The story of lovable pooch didn’t end there, the actress of the film Madhuri Dixit had adopted him as part of her family.

5. Brownie:

Featured film: Teri Meherbaniyan

Starred as Moti in this film, this Labrador is the soul of the entire film. Not only does this movie showcase the loyalty of this faithful being but the unbound presence of mind to avenge his owner’s death is the real catch of this film. Another emotion-filled part of this movie is the dog performing the last rituals of his owner is worth watching by every dog lover.

Happy binge-watching with your pooches!!