Top 5 Famous Politicians with Dogs in India!!

Can you believe it, our furry little friends have made way in politics? Yes, you have heard it right, not as an eligible contender but loyal friends to political leaders. It is completely true that our leading politicians are also not left untouched from being proud owners of pooches. As effectively stated having a pet is the best way how politicians could connect with people. Nowadays these hairy pets of prominent political leader are also nowhere out of the limelight. Be it actors or politicians or us, being proud dog owners is a feeling of a boost in itself.

Let’s dig deep into few named politicians of India who are loving pooch owners. Five such named ones are:

  1. Rahul Gandhi:

Pidi, as is popularly called by his master, the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, is a terrier breed dog. He is one such example of being popular as a political pet with its trending viral tweet video of his introduction to the media. As funnily mentioned everywhere, not only did he himself became trending but enhanced the sales of biscuits as in his trending video he was playfully enjoying his biscuit treats. Amazing, isn’t it?

2. Abani Roy:

This political veteran who is founder of the Revolutionary Socialist Party has also not left untouched from his love for his pet dogs. He is also a proud owner of two white Labradors who make the saying “A dog is a man’s best friend” come true. He who used to follow the principle of keeping his doors open for everyone had to keep it shut for his pooches to stay in. Funny, isn’t it?

3. Manish Tiwari:

This Ludhiana MP is also nowhere behind in expressing his profound love for his pet dog which is a Tibetan Spaniel. Lovingly named as Onyx who was part of the life of this political guru as a gift to their daughter and since then he has been a loyal entity to them.

4. Priya Dutt:

Another well-known politician Priya Dutt, who has in a quite self-described way proclaimed her love for her pooches by being a proud owner of two Siberian huskies and a golden retriever. Named as Mauser, Patch and Mishka is a true representation of political pets being pampered by frequent visits to grooming saloon. Not only does she spoils her pets but also flaunts them in the media through her Instagram feeds. Touching, isn’t it?

5. Yogi Adityanath:

Our Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has also been a faithful pet lover which is quite evident through social media pictures in which he was feeding his pet dog Kaalu who is a Black Labrador. Although he came to a gift to him from one of his supporters, yet he has reserved a special place in his life. Prior to his becoming CM, he used to take care of Kaalu by himself but now his pet lives in a temple in Gorakhpur. The most fascinating fact is that Kaalu is vegetarian and eats only milk and roti prepared in the temple. A true charmer to the leader!!

In short, it is quite evident that our political leaders are great pet lovers as well!!