Top 5 Famous Singers with Dogs in India

Our famous Indian singers not only sing their way to our hearts but also win it through their fondness towards pooches. Surprised!! Yes, even our music industry is also not left untouched from finding vivid dog lovers who are proud dog owners or otherwise called as dog parents as they treat their pooches as their own children. Not only do they pamper them with stardom but also love spending time with them despite the busy working schedule. That truly defines a dog lover.

Wondering, who are these famous singers who have immense love for their furry ones? Your search ends here as you read through you will come across five such celebrity singers who are proud dog parents.

5 Famous Indian singers with dogs are:

  1. Mika Singh:

This famous yet wild singer, composer and songwriter is a die-hard animal lover which is reflected in his collection of various breed of animals in his farmhouse in Delhi. He clearly believes that dogs are his best friend as he thinks that who better to judge moods than them. Hence he is a proud owner of around 18 dogs of different breeds in his farmhouse. What a passionate dog lover?

2. Farhan Akhtar:

This multi-talented singer cum actor has also left no stones un-turned to proclaim that he is an extraordinary dog lover. He has two Labrador retrievers named Bonnie and Belle. And also two other dogs named Jim and Zen, out of which sadly, Zen passed away recently. The celebrity is so fond of his dogs that he had felt heartfelt condolences for Zen all over media. Touching right?

3. Armaan Malik:

Handsome Mallik as popularly known is the pet of this amazing singer Armaan Malik. One can clearly understand from the naming convention that this furry friend is actually family to the Maliks. Being of Chow dog breed, this pooch definitely calls for high maintenance and proper grooming. As the singer clearly states that not only is his home environment comforting for his buddy friend but also making him his first audience to every new song this singer sings, he definitely loves his furry pooch to moon and back.

4. Abhijeet Bhattacharya:

This singer is also not left untouched from unconditional love for his pet dogs named KOKO and Junior. Being of Labrador retriever breed, his dogs are more than furry buddies for him. He describes his love for them by making them part of his mornings rituals to nights until he sleeps. For him, his pet dogs are the most loyal beings who can give up their life for him. What unconditional love?

5. Shiamak Davar:

This known singer cum choreographer is also well-known for his undying love for dogs. His pet-friendliness is visible with him being a proud owner of a Labrador named Elsa who is with him since quite a while now. In order to be able to accompany his furry buddy, he loves to travel by trains and in short, he never leaves his side. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Must say, our celeb singers are also proud dog lovers which are quite evident in their social presence with their pooches!!