Top 5 Shops Which Sell Dogs in India

Faithful! Lovable! Protective!-are first few named syllables that come across anyone’s mind when we talk about dogs. This is far more a reason why every household now days are looking out to welcome these furry creatures into their house and family. With the need to buying a dog increasing, the awareness of pet dog sellers has increased as well. Now days almost all of the shops in India have access to all breeds of dogs to proper pet insurance to help to ensure proper buying process.

There are various shops across India which sells your beloved pets, however, herewith is the list of few named pet shops which are known for its mark.

5 such famous shops which sell dogs in India are:

  1. Tornado Pets

One of the most famous pet shops situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. Not only dogs but also one can find a wide variety of pet ranging from cats, birds etc. in this shop. You can find all breed of dogs at a reasonable price in this pet world. They also specialize in selling food supplies, accessories and grooming products to take alongside your friendly dog pet. In short, they not only fulfil the need of pet in your home but also the needs of your bought pet.

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  • Asia Pets:

Situated in Delhi NCR, this quaint little shop is both a pet shop as well as a dog clinic. The best part is along with their availability offline they too have an online presence which makes puppy shopping convenient from any part of India. Alongside selling dogs and providing medical care, they also specialize in providing pet supplies to make your pet feel at home when it goes with you. They sell a quality breed of dogs also making sure they are properly vaccinated.

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  • Mumbai Pet shop:

Located in the corner streets of Mumbai, this pet shop is famous for its wide breed of dogs for sale along with vaccine cards. From pre to post sales service i.e. medications to pet supplies, they are famous to provide it with all. They also have the provision of experienced doctors to assist in efficient buying of your puppy. Apart from sales service, they also have lodging facilities for your pet in case you are out of town.

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  • Tegha Kennel:

Tagged as one of the best dog kennels in Delhi NCR, is one stop destination to take home a lovely, healthy and clean puppy. It is one of the largest pet speciality retailers for all kinds of products and services. Their wide range of services ranges from medical attention, vet care, boarding, counselling to dog therapies. One can also buy pet supplies from its online store as well. Who wouldn’t want to visit this dog breeder and spend some time with the dogs?

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  • Dav Pet Lovers:

Being one of the best pet dealers of India, they have wide breeds of puppies as well as other pets to take away to your home. From excellent delivery service to provisioning with KCI papers and vaccination details, they provide it with all for your effective pet take away. They also have supplies of pet products to add on to your pet needs.

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What are you still waiting for, rush to your nearest store to bring home a pup!!