Top 5 Highest Rated Dog Toy Brands in India

Which pet owner wouldn’t like to keep their pets active and playing. But sometimes the owners want a time to themselves whereas the pet wants to play with you. The dog toys are perfect to keep your dogs busy and playful, while you do your work.

Some of the best dog toy brands in India are:

PetSutra: it is an Indian company that is located in Haryana. It manufactures many other products and accessories for pets and owners. It’s top seller are telling chewable cotton rope for dogs. Link:

Foodie Puppies: It has the top ratings . It has the best dog toys and other accessories. It’s spiked ball is the best seller. They have high quality products. Link:

Nina Ottosson: It is an old dog and cat toy company. Most of their toys are puzzles, interactive games and games of wood. It’s toys are good for mental and physical health of the dogs. Link:

Petlicious and more: it is an Indian company that also provide dog food and accessories. Their products are creative and high quality which match the requirements of every dog. Link:

Lal Pet Products: It is an Indian company that provides people with pet products, food and toys. They also have grooming products. It is an old company that has high quality products. Link: